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LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHERS SAY OR THINK ABOUT YOU. SO HAVE FUN AND GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! Hey guys! Hope you are having a lovely day, this is a colorful  two piece set, the top is an off shoulder which is now trending, I styled this outfit with a heel, I hope you like it. Don't forget to drop your comments, cuz I would really like to know what your thoughts are about this post, thanks for stopping by. See more pictures and outfit details after the cut...


"PUT YOUR HEART, MIND AND SOUL INTO EVEN THE SMALLEST ACT. THIS IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS". -Swami Sivananda   Hey guys!!! long time no blog, lol, so sorry about that, well if you ask me what happened I'll say life happened, well I'm back, and I'm not going anywhere.*smiles* So this outfit I have on today, is a fun look,I love the skirt because it has a silky short in it so comfy, though while ordering it I thought it was a skirt, only to find out it was a short, lol, but anyways I still loved it. Its just a casual outfit, you could wear while hanging out with friends, it could be worn to the mall, movies or beach, and it looks sporty also.  But mind you, if you like you could choose to transform this outfit just by changing the footwear to heels. *wink*