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TGIF!!!💃 Hope you all are having a fabulous day, it's the last weekday of the week, pretty sure some of you are gonna be turning up tonight. 😉  Well I'm just gonna be home seeing some movies on my bed. lol
Well for those of you going out, hope u have a great evening and for those staying home like me, hope you enjoy your bed. lol
See more pictures and outfit details after the cut...

My wonderful friends, I'm back with another outfit, but before I talk about the outfit, I would like to elaborate more on the caption above. When we hear 'SELF-CONFIDENCE'
what comes to mind? For me,SELF-CONFIDENCE simply means feeling secure about yourself, rising above your flaws be it physical or inner flaws, we aren't perfect, nobody is, even the person you might be admiring and wanting to be like, has his or her own flaws that they are battling with, but just because of how confident they appear their flaws aren't being noticed. So my darlings, try as much as possible to ignore what people might think about you if you wear that dress, or if you wear that shoe, wear what you are comfortable in but most importantly, be CONFIDENT in yourself while you are all dressed up, cause most of the time its not about what you are wearing its about HOW YOU CARRY YOURSELF

Here I'm wearing a Lime Satin Lace Trim Strappy Bodycon Dress, it's a really nice dress, at first I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to nail the outfit, surprisingly I tried it and I can confidently say I did well. lol
I wore it to my friend's birthday party, felt so comfy in it that I could dance well in it. 
I styled it with a pair of red sandal heel. 
I love this outfit, seen a number of celebrities rocking it like Britney Spares, Kortney Kardashian, Mlika, Dreamdoll etc... 

Dress: Prettylittlethings
Sandals: Random

Thanks a lot for stopping by, till next week... 😙💓💓💓


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