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Be the girl who decided to go for it!!! Happy Saturday fam, hope you all are doing great on this awesome weekend, it’s very important to rest, and also engage in exciting activities with friends, so as to get ready for an awesome week ahead, make sure you all stay safe and enjoy your weekend.💓💓💓


“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” - Yves Saint Laurent  Hey ladies!!! It’s WCW(Women Crush Wednesday), and what I wanna tell you today is, you should always be your own crush, crush on yourself, love yourself endlessly.  Sure it’s ok to be inspired by another woman other than yourself, but don’t be trying to be like another person, always work hard to be the best version of yourself. 💓💓💓 


Train like a beast, look like a beauty... If you follow me on Instagram you would know how much I love fitness, it’s been a huge part of my life since September 2018 till this day.  I’ve grown to love it so much, reason is cuz I’m seeing the results, and it has changed not only my body but also my psychology state of mind.  I hope I can motivate you all to join me on this fitness journey 😁